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iOS Siri Shortcuts. A collection of shortcuts for the Apple Shortcuts app. Handy dandy. Tweakers Pricewatch - Dutch; Convert Video To Gif; IP Info; Miscellaneous. Nicolas Cage Mani As you build your shortcut collection, there are a number of ways you can organize and edit shortcuts. You can: Reorder shortcuts so that the ones you use most appear first in the Shortcuts app, the Shortcuts widget, and on Apple Watch. Quickly duplicate a shortcut for use as the starting point of a new shortcut. Delete a shortcut you no longer nee Check Out This Massive Collection of Custom Siri Shortcuts for iOS 13 - Daily Health Posts says: October 19 at 5:12 pm [] creating your own, however, we suggest importing pre-made custom shortcuts—such as this massive collection of over 150 shortcuts created by developer Matthew Cassinelli Die App Kurzbefehle ermöglicht es dir, eigene Kurzbefehle zu erstellen, die mehrere Schritte umfassen. Du kannst zum Beispiel den Kurzbefehl Surfen erstellen, der den Surfbericht öffnet, die ungefähre Ankunftszeit am Strand berechnet und deine Musik-Playlist zum Surfen startet. Funktionsweise von Kurzbefehlen kennenlerne A classic example of an official Shortcut that you tap to activate is the Home ETA Shortcut. No matter where you are, this Shortcut uses the Maps app to see where you're at, looks at your pre.

Use iOS' native speech-to-text to dictate a note in a language of your choosing from the Shortcuts widget. The list of supported languages can be customized in the shortcut. Starting with Shortcuts 2.2, it is possible to save dictated text to Notes in the background - directly from the widget - without showing the Notes composer. The Notes action can be replaced with other note-taking apps such as Evernote or Drafts Click the link under the shortcut's iCloud column, then click/tap get shortcut to import it into your shortcuts app. Once imported, you can access via Siri, or through the Shortcuts.

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  1. This shortcut allows you to know the latest beta of iOS, watchOS, tvOS & Homepod OS with a single click or by asking Siri. Please note that the shortcut is not made by me, but by Guilherme Rambo. My goal is not to steal his work, but just to finish it, because in its version, the shortcut gives you information only for iOS & watchOS. Get the original here to support him: https://sharecuts.app/users/_insid
  2. A collection of user-submitted shortcuts for Shortcuts for iOS. - jordanmerrick/shortcutsdirector
  3. Finde die sinnvollsten und produktivsten Siri Shortcuts, für dein iPhone oder iPad. Die besten Siri Shortcuts im Netz. Alle Kurzbefehle getestet und mit Video Vorschau
  4. Curated collections of the best links about Shortcuts. Apple's Shortcuts app (aka Siri Shortcuts) is an exciting platform for automating tasks. This directory is my attempt to collect all the best Shortcuts resources. I hope it helps you find and create shortcuts to make your life better. Collections
  5. ates the shortcut from the automatic collection, but keeps the shortcut in the All Shortcuts collection
  6. Then, go to the Settings app, select Shortcuts, and tap the button next to Allow Untrusted Shortcuts. Using the Shortcuts App . You can enable the Shortcuts widget if you want easy access to one or more shortcuts from the widget area. Others are ideal for Apple Watch, when using the action menu (like when you share something), or as a home screen shortcut
  7. A shortcut is a quick way to get one or more tasks done with your apps. The Shortcuts app lets you create your own shortcuts with multiple steps. For example, build a Surf Time shortcut that grabs the surf report, gives an ETA to the beach, and launches your surf music playlist. Learn how shortcuts work

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  1. Apple Frames, the shortcut that lets you put physical device frames around screenshots taken on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and other Apple devices, has consistently been the most downloaded shortcut from the Archive, as well as one of my most used shortcuts on a daily basis. All the framed screenshots you see on MacStories are generated with Apple Frames, which has also helped designers and developers prepare good-looking product images for their apps' websites and App.
  2. Productivity & Shortcuts; Tweaks & Hacks; iOS 13; iOS 14; Shortcuts 101; When iOS 14 was released, the Favorites widget, which provided quick access to your most-used contacts, was nowhere to be seen. There's a workaround that brings it back via the Shortcuts app, but the original Favorites widget was better all around. For those of you looking for something better, try turning all your favorite and most-used contacts into apps on your home screen
  3. Redeem iTunes Code. This one is great. Copy an iTunes redemption code in iOS, then tap this shortcut to automatically fill it in on the App Store's redemption page, saving you the trouble of.
  4. g from Android and want the good morning Routine that google assistant has but Siri don't. Well you have two.
  5. In the Shortcuts app Gallery , tap a shortcut (a colored rectangle). A description of the shortcut appears, along with a preview of its actions. To add the shortcut to your collection, tap Add Shortcut. If there are additional setup steps for the shortcut, follow the instructions that appear, then tap Done
  6. iOS 14: 11 cool tricks your iPhone's Shortcuts app can do for you now. If you've never used Apple's Shortcuts app or you've only dabbled, it's well worth getting to know the ins and outs of this app
  7. Welcome. Hello and welcome to the Shortcuts Catalog! This is a public resource to help people get started with Siri Shortcuts and the Shortcuts app. It's made up of three main sections below: the Shortcuts Library, a collection of 25 starter shortcuts full of menus with hundreds of different ways to use them

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The iOS Shortcuts app originally began as a third-party app, Workflow. Then, Apple bought it and re-released it in 2018 as Shortcuts — headlining it as a significant part of iOS 12. However, at the time, Shortcuts was still an iOS app you had to download on your own. And while the future of Shortcuts was very bright, it was still limited in certain areas. But now? So much has changed and. Now select Shortcuts on the top left-hand corner of the screen. Tap on the folder icon with a plus sign on top of it on the top right-hand corner of the screen. Set a name for your folder. Choose an icon for this folder, if you desire. Tap on Add and add the folder to your collection The Shortcuts app in iOS 13 has a new Automation tab, in which you can configure shortcuts that automatically run based on a wide variety of triggers. Currently, certain automation actions require sending a notification first when the trigger is activated, and that alert contains the option to run the shortcut; other actions, however, include a toggle that determines whether the automation.

That ends our article on the best shortcuts that you can use for the iOS Shortcut app in 2020. These shortcuts will help you get things done faster. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Shortcuts can also use third-party apps to do automation and other powerful things. If you like this article and want to learn more advanced shortcuts tricks, let me know in the comments Schau Dir Angebote von Shortcut auf eBay an. Kauf Bunter To get started, install the Shortcuts (free) app from the App Store. By default, it's not installed after updating to iOS 12 unless you already have the Workflow app. Once you open the app, you can either create a Shortcut yourself or import from the publically available Shortcuts in the Gallery section. However, the really awesome Shortcuts are not available in the official Shortcuts Gallery So, how do you use Siri Shortcuts on iOS device? To start things off, you have to fine-tune an ever-ready shortcut for a specific task that you wish to do quickly. Whenever you need to do that, just fire up Siri and speak the phrase. And you are ready to go! Before setting you in the motion, let me tell you a couple of things up front: First and foremost, we've rounded up some of the coolest. Sharecuts Is A Crowd-Sourced Collection Of Siri Shortcuts. When it comes to iOS automation, there is nothing more exciting right now than iOS 12 and the Siri Shortcuts that it will bring to the iPhone and iPad this fall. Building on the Workflow app that Apple bought, clearly with Shortcuts in mind, the new implementation takes what Workflow.

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How to make custom iPhone app icons in iOS 14 with shortcuts (Image credit: Future) Now that you have your widgets to your liking, you can make custom icons for all the apps on your iPhone Apple Maps has had a rocky history since its introduction, which included limited features and questionable data, earning it a reputation as a lesser alternative to Google Maps. Since then, Apple has worked to close the gap, and in iOS 13, they're introducing Collections, which allow you to create groups of locations on your iPhone that you can then quickly access and share with others Shortcuts Focus is iDB's column dedicated to iOS automation through the Shortcuts app, Collect information from the web while you're sleeping for review in the morning. Send emails on your behalf during the day. Take a photo at periodic times and email them to you. Play an audible alert every 5 minutes of interval training to push it hard for one minute. Display an hourly status report. All Collections. Integrations and Extensions. Applications and Extensions. How to install Short.io iOS shortcut. How to install Short.io iOS shortcut. Written by Elizaveta Melihova Updated over a week ago With Short.io iOS shortcut, you can shorten long URLs just by clicking on the shortcut. How it works: - Copy the link you want to shorten - Click on the Shortcut - it will take original URL. Spotify Shortcuts Collection, including Play entire album! Intro Hi everyone, you might've seen my posts yesterday regarding a number of Spotify related Shortcuts that I created, and I thought it would be a good idea to group all of these in one place, especially since I've created some other ones, including a Shortcut to play a music album off of Spotify using only your voice (phone unlock.

Automating iOS - My Favourite Shortcuts Last Updated: May 25, 2019 Since Workflow became Shortcuts, I've started using many more Shortcuts that use Siri to their advantage, and also some new Shortcuts to add to my collection Luckily, you can use shortcuts in iOS 14.5 to toggle Orientation Lock and notifications off and on automatically when launching and closing Camo. We've outlined the process below. It takes about 5 minutes to setup, after which Orientation Lock, Do Not Disturb and Airplane Mode will automatically be disabled or enabled when opening and closing Camo I am using iOS Shortcuts app to communicate with a SQL server. I can do a SELECT statement and get the result formated as text, similar to this: id name 1 john 2 chris 3 jane Is there a way I can convert this to a dictionary object, and then allow a user to pick a name from this dictionary and then assign a variable to the corresponding name's ID

MacStories Shares Useful Collection of 150 Custom iOS Shortcuts. Mar 6, 2019. 8082. SHARES. Share Tweet. Apple in iOS 12 introduced a new Shortcuts app, built on the Workflow app that it acquired in 2017. Shortcuts lets you automate tasks, simplifying everything from calculating a tip to sharing an Apple Music song. Shortcuts can do an endless number of things, but it can be tough to find. iOS Shortcut available . Quickly add links from your iOS Share Sheet using our Shortcut. Download the shortcut and enable access to it from the Settings page . Archive, tag, and delete . Stay focused by archiving or deleting links you've saved. Use tags to stay organized and explore your collection . List or grid view . Choose between viewing saved links in a list or grid view . Public. 42. iOS Timer; 43. iOS Siri Shortcuts; In this tutorial we'll look into iOS UICollectionView component and develop a basic application out of it. Table of Contents. 1 UICollectionView. 1.1 UICollectionView components; 1.2 UICollectionView Example; UICollectionView. UICollectionView is similar to UITableView except the fact that it's more customisable. The main difference between a.

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iOS 14.6 beta users can add iOS 14.6 non-jailbroken tweaks. It has a collection of most popular Shortcuts apps. This is working with the Apple Shortcuts app. We have tried New Music Playlist, Calculate Tip, Combine Screenshots and Instagram tags. According to the developer all the apps are tested on iOS 14.6 beta platform Before iOS 14.3, it would open the Shortcuts app before it opened the app you wanted - fortunately, this has changed and it now opens the app directly. You also don't have badge notifications on the replacement icon, which can be both good and bad. Removing badges can help you focus, and if you don't use badges anyway, then it doesn't make a difference. But if you rely on them to know.

Get free Shortcut keys icons in iOS, Material, Windows and other design styles for web, mobile, and graphic design projects. These free images are pixel perfect to fit your design and available in both PNG and vector. Download icons in all formats or edit them for your designs. Also, be sure to check out new icons and popular icons The iOS Shortcut Application. If you are using the latest iPhone series, then there is a high chance that your phone came with the iOS shortcut app. But even if it didn't, you can easily just download it from the iOS App Store. This app helps you accomplish tasks on your device with a click or by engaging with Siri. A shortcut is made up of actions that help make that function possible. For. Tap Get Shortcut. Now, the shortcut titled Browse top news has been added successfully to your library. By following the steps listed above, you can add any number of shortcuts to your collection. How to Run a Shortcut? Are you curious to see how does a shortcut works? Me too. Thanks to iOS 12, you can run the shortcut not only from your.

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Productivity & Shortcuts. iOS 13. Calling & Texting. iOS 14. iOS 12. Automatic phone menus are the worst. You call the number, listen to prerecorded prompts, press button, listen, press button, listen, press button, listen, until you're routed or connected to the right extension, directory, menu, person, or whatever Well, the good new is, there are several iOS shortcuts to execute certain tasks faster. These iPhone shortcuts are pretty simple but surprisingly, not many people are aware of it. So, without further ado, here are 30 cool iPhone shortcuts you must definitely use. Cool iPhone Shortcuts You Should be Using in 2020 . In this article, we have included both beginner and advance level shortcuts for. Microsoft today announced that Collections feature is now available in the Microsoft Edge mobile browser app on iOS and Android platforms. Collections feature helps you easily collect and organize content that you find across the web. With Collections on Edge mobile apps, you have a Collections drawer allowing you to view webpages alongside your collections

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The watchOS app can only run shortcuts created on iOS and marked for sync over to the watch. Because of this, you'll create your intent and add it to iOS first. Once you have that up and running, you'll sync it over to the watch and get it running there. Everything starts with an intent definition file. Adding the Intent Definition File. An intent definition file bridges available shortcut. Simple iOS 12 Shortcuts. The best way to get started with iOS 12 Shortcuts is to enable a few that other people have created already. Anyone can share a link to an existing Shortcut, so all you.

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Collections; Topics; All Videos; More Videos. Streaming is available in most browsers, and in the WWDC app. Overview; Transcript; Introducing Parameters for Shortcuts. Parameters take Siri Shortcuts to the next level, enabling an interactive voice experience in Siri with follow-up questions, and allowing people to customize shortcuts in the Shortcuts app, now built into iOS. Walk through. Shortcuts were one of the big new features of iOS 12 but I'm not convinced they've massively taken off, as whenever I mention them in training I usually get rather blank stares - although that. Similarly to configuring a homepage shortcut, you can configure multiple top site shortcuts on New Tab Pages in Edge for iOS and Android. The user can't edit or delete these shortcuts in a managed context. Note: you can configure a total of 8 shortcuts, including a homepage shortcut. If you have configured a homepage shortcut, that will override the first top site configured In iOS 13, any Shortcuts outside of the Gallery are labeled as Untrusted Shortcuts and require you to manually allow them by heading into Settings on your iPhone or iPad go to your iOS settings. go to the Shortcuts app settings. enable Allow untrusted Shortcuts. Now open the iOS Shortcut share link in Safari. On the overview page you can install the shortcut. You will now be redirected to the Shortcuts app with the workflow preview. It contains many elements needed to successfully save links in LinkAce

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In iOS 13, Shortcuts gains more powers and true automation. This means you can use a shortcut to randomly set a wallpaper from an album and then create an automaton that will trigger the shortcut every day at a specific time. Learn about the step-by-step process in our guide here. First, download and set up the Randomize Wallpaper shortcut How to Make a Zapier iOS Shortcut 1. Make a New Shortcut with Dictation, Input, Clipboard, or an App. Typically, you want Shortcuts to copy some text—a new task, note, contact, project, location, or anything else—and send it to Zapier. And then from there, Zapier can send that data to other apps you use. To build a Zapier Shortcuts workflow, first open the Shortcuts app on your iPhone or. This is the most common reason the shortcut doesn't work; Unlike the previous shortcuts, this version searches the entire library by default. It seems most users prefer that. If you want it to search a particular collection, it is easy enough to change the URL for the API call. The Zotero documentation includes examples of how the URL should. If you're a Notes app user and use an iPad with an external Bluetooth keyboard, a keyboard case, or with an Apple Smart Keyboard, you may find this collection of keyboard shortcuts to be helpful to your workflow.. Note you must use iPad with a physical keyboard to gain access to the keystrokes listed, as the onscreen virtual keyboard does not support these keyboard shortcuts

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Mar 6, 2019 - After several months of work, I'm pleased to announce the MacStories Shortcuts Archive - the official repository for shortcuts I've created over the years (including when they used to be called workflows) and which have been updated, tested for the Shortcuts app, and collected in a single place. You can find the. With the Shortcuts app integrated directly into the system in iOS 13, sharing shortcuts is a little more complicated. First, you have to make sure you can share shortcuts at all with the Allow Untrusted Shortcuts switch in settings. Before you begin these steps, start by running any shortcut in the Shortcuts app. Just tap a simple shortcut and run it. This will make the Allow Untrested. This can be partially automated via iOS shortcuts so that you can copy the link and open Raindrop from the Share feature in another app but there is no way to choose a folder and add the link via Shortcuts. It would be amazing if you could expose this functionality via iOS Shortcuts so that it can be done within a single click in other apps. September 20, 2020. October 7, 2020. Stephen McAuley. An iOS shortcut called I'm Getting Pulled Over can automatically record your interactions with police on the spot.; The app turns off any music playing and uses your camera to make a recording.

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